GUM® Technique® Deep Clean Toothbrush Zoom

GUM® Technique® Deep Clean Toothbrush

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Superior Performance from Advanced Design: Rated 4.3 Out Of 5 by Dental Product Shopper!
Product Attributes
    Extremely Tapered Bristles.
    The upper 6mm of the bristle is tapered to a rounded 0.01mm end. Ordinary bristles have less than 0.5mm tapered to 0.02mm. Benefit: Cleans 2.8mm into the sulcus, along the gingival margin and interproximally to remove plaque and other bacteria.
    Bi-Level Bristle Design.
    Benefit: Multi-Level Cleaning - The combination of bristles effectively clean below the gumline and exposed tooth surfaces.
    Angled Bristles.
    Benefit: Designed to enhance interproximal penetration and cleaning by striking the surface in different directions.
    Patented Quad-Grip® Handle.
    Benefit: Intuitively helps guide the hand to hold the brush at 45° in all quadrants so the bristles are properly positioned at the sulcus for optimal sub gingival cleaning.
    Free Imprinting (12 dozen minimum).
Product Reviews
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    Overall Rating:
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    By : Michelle, Future RDH
    5 Literally feels like heaven on your gums
    This is the absolute best toothbrush I have ever used! The bristles are super soft and feel like a massage for your gums. As a dental hygiene student, I try many products, but this is by far my favorite. The design is also excellent because it forces the user to use the proper 45 degree brushing angle and cleans under the gums deeper than any other toothbrush. I recommend it to all of my patients.
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