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Because the removal of plaque biofilm from teeth and interproximal spaces is a significant challenge for patients, dental professionals are now customizing the home care samples provided at each appointment. Sample selection is based on the efficacy of a product as well as the likelihood of patient compliance. Mouthrinses can be an effective tool because they are easily dispensed throughout the oral cavity and they provide additional cleaning beyond mechanical plaque removal.
Sunstar Americas continues to listen to your requests for high-quality, relevant information. This month, Sarah DeBowes, RDH, BS, from Old Dominion University shares her knowledge of current dental probiotics and what the future holds for probiotics and their systemic uses.
By 2030, it is expected there will be nearly 71 million people age 65 years or older in the United States, making up almost 20 percent of the country’s population. Dental concerns for this population include old, leaking fillings, periodontal diseases, and complications stemming from the oral/systemic health link.
Sunstar Americas attributes the success of its products to their innovation and advanced designs. Such is the case with the GUM® Technique® Deep Clean manual toothbrush. The brush features bi-level, ultra-tapered angled bristles for superior penetration and access, and a patented thumb pad designed to ensure proper positioning.
Sunstar Americas, Inc., hosted its 11th Dental Consortium during the Chicago Mid-Winter Dental Meeting in February, 2008. This article reports on the meeting, during which Thomas Studney, Managing Director of Sunstar Americas, Inc. introduced the theme: Women in Dentistry: Reflections, Issues, Changes and Opportunities.
Dispensing GUM® Soft Picks® is beneficial to patients and the practice.
Sunstar Americas hosts a roundtable discussion about that nagging issue of patient compliance.
As we learn more about the link between oral health and systemic health, many dental teams are developing unique programs and opportunities to assist their patients in achieving good oral health.
New GUM® PerioBalance®, a daily, dental probiotic mint-flavored lozenge is one of the first probiotics specifically created for oral health. It helps to easily achieve a balanced oral environment, providing healthier teeth and gums in just 28 days.
Flossing is one of the best ways to help prevent cavities, gingivitis and other dental problems, but according to the ADA, only 15 percent of patients floss regularly. Sunstar Americas, Inc. has made it easy for patients to floss more frequently with the introduction of the GUM® Eez-Thru® Angle Flossers.
Results: 15 Record(s) Found.