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GUM® EasyThread™ Floss

SKU# 3210D
Double-ended, threader sections are designed with the ideal stiffness to easily navigate around braces, bridges and implants without irritating the gums. Innovative, hygienic packaging reduces tangles and waste.
Contains 6 dispensers of 50 uses each.
Also available in 100 sample envelopes of 5 strands for patient in-home use.(#3200D)
Product Attributes


    GUM® EasyThread™ Floss is designed to make flossing around braces, bridges, and implants easy.
    • Stiff threader sections provide easy access to hard-to-clean spaces.
    • Double-ended threader sections to maximize cleaning with each strand.
    • Features "puffy" floss designed for enhanced plaque removal.
    • Innovative, hygienic packaging reduces tangles and waste.
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