GUM® Go-Betweens® Proxabrush® Cleaners, Ultra Tight Zoom

GUM® Go-Betweens® Proxabrush® Cleaners, Ultra Tight

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Ideal for Healthier Patients with Tighter Contacts. Clinically proven plaque removal with GUM® Go-Betweens® Proxabrush® Cleaners. Ideal for those with healthy gingiva, dental restorations (tight and moderate), orthodontics, or those who have trouble flossing.
Product Attributes
    NEW! Triangular Shaped Bristles.
    Triangular shaped bristles remove up to 25% More Plaque than round bristles.*
    *Compared to conventional round nylon filament. Data on file.
    Designed for Greater Comfort and Control
    • Cleans posterior teeth easily with bendable neck
    • Better comfort, control and grip with NEW flexible handle
    • Coated wire helps prevent galvanic shock
    • Stays clean between uses with antibacterial bristles1
    1Filament incorporate an antibacterial agent for continuous bristle protection. Bacterial growth that may affect the filament is inhibited. The agent in the filament does not protect against disease.  As always, patients should rinse their brushes.
    Four Convenient Sizes.
    Four head sizes available
    Sold in Box with 36 Brushes.
    Variety Pack Also Available
    Offers 12 of each tight, moderate and wide in one box. Item #3615P.
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